Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the beauty of 131

i fear that i always be a lonely NUMBER like SQUARE ROOT THREE,

a THREE is all good and right..why must my THREE keep out of sight,

beneath a vicious SQUARE ROOT sign..i wish instead that i were NINE,

for NINE could work this evil trick..with just a quick ARITHMETIC,

i know i'll never see the ONE POINT THREE,SEVEN TWO ONE,

such as my reality..that set a rationality,

work hard..just as this i see..another SQUARE ROOT of a THREE,

as quietly come waltzing by..together now we MULTIPLY,

to form a NUMBER we prefer..rejoicing as an INTEGER,

we break free from mortal bond..and with a wave of a magic wand,

our SQUARE ROOT SIGN become unglued..and LOVE for me has been renewed..


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