Monday, October 18, 2010

The Boy of My Dream :D

Is the person who will show me how beautiful this fucked up world can really be. Someone who will hold me in their arms when things werent well and show me as much affection as possible no matter how terrible I looked that day. I wanTt a bad boy that will show me their side of reality and wont be scared to show me and take me to their own little world. I want a boy with a dark side to him, but at the same time, sensitive as well. I want a hopeless romantic. Someone that will let me make love to them while I look into their eyes but still let me pull their hair (lol). I want this person to be able to come with me places, and rock out with me whenever, get messed up with my friends and not give a shit about a thing. Someone that isnt afraid to sing and dance to anything. Someone with attitude. I want to fall for him, and for him to fall for me right back. 
Well, I have the perfect one in front of me, and for some reason, I just can't get him to be mine. (';


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