Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blackberry VS iphone

If you are still asking yourself this question, then you really do have a tough decision in front of you…or perhaps you don’t. Lets look into these two phones in greater detail.
The screen of the Bold is comparable to previous BlackBerry phones, however, the resolution will be a higher 480×320, which will give you a sharper image. The screen of the iPhone will take up most of the space because the keyboard is virtual. In my opinion, the screen of the Bold looks a little better than that of the iPhone, even though it is smaller to compensate for the keyboard.
If you are a previous BlackBerry Curve user, then you will notice that the Bold is a bit larger in size than the Curve, as well as the iPhone. You may not be able to fit the Bold in a standard pocket. The iPhone definitely has a nice size to it, which will fit into a pocket.
Each phone has its own two mega-pixel camera which capture quality images.
Each phone also has GPS, but they are a bit slow at getting turn by turn directions. There is software for the Bold that you can install that will improve that.
Browsing the web with either phone is a different experience. Using the Bold everything appears great, but the trackball takes some time to get used to, if you like it at all. While using the iPhone to browse the web everything flows easily and naturally.
There should be no surprise that the Bold dominates in the email category. Docs can be open and edited, while the iPhone will not allow you to do some things like editing a document. The Bold also has an advatage because of its nice keyboard that will allow you to type longer. The Bold can also be connected to your computer for use as a modem.
Each phone looks good depending on your personal view. I love the screen on the iPhone because it takes up the whole front side of the phone, but typing can become kind of troublesome on the virtual keyboard. However, typing on the Bold is a breeze even though it takes up about half the front of the phone.
Most people love the Bold for business purposes because they are supposedly more secure, and their typing and email capabilities are as good as you could want in a phone. Most people love the iPhone, first of all because it’s made by Apple, secondly because it’s slimmer than the Bold and more can be seen with its screen.
Which phone is better?
It all comes down to what you want in a phone. These two phones are relatively close, and as far as consumers are concerned it’s 50-50. Each phone is great in its own right, there are just some little differences in each phone that makes one stand out over the other for some people.
If you love BlackBerry phones you will most likely love the Bold. If you hate BlackBerry phones then you will probably hate the Bold. If emailing is a daily task that you need to do, then you might love the BlackBerry. If you want to browse the internet all day, or watch videos on a daily basis then you might prefer the iPhone.
It all comes down to what you need your phone to do, and how it might make a difference for you. Aside from that, the Bold and the iPhone are almost equal.

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