Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Just gonna sit there and stalk some girl? 
Spend all night commenting like a bunch of pervs 
Dont understand why was there ten replys
It's not like I ever met you in real life
I hate weird Facebook guys

Guy 1: I can't believe you've been to that place 
I 'm always there just not on weeknights 

Guy 2: Yo, it's been a while, right? 
Girl you lookin' damn nice! 

Guy 1: Remember me? 
We met last night in the keg line 
I thought we hit it off, right? 
You got plans for Tuesday night? 

Guy 3: Hi there what's up? 
Wanted to say 
I just think it's fate 
That you live on my best friend's dorm room floor 
And by the way next weekend I think I'll be in town 
And was thinking maybe 
We'd go on a date and see 
What happens later 

Guy 2: Hey ^who's this moron? 

Guy 1: yo fuck you dude 
Go away 

Guy 2: you fag come here I'll kick your ass 

Guy 3: Aw babe, you okay? 
Are you in pain? 
Need chicken noodle soup? 
p.s I'm Nate 

Guy 2: How's your bro Dan? 
He was such a bad ass 

Dad: He passed away 

Guy 4: Thanks for the add 
You model? 

Guy 5: hey you never came to class it's all good 
I'll bring the notes to your place 

Hey was outside your door 
For 3 hours you never came 
No worries I can come back again 

Just gonna sit there and creep my pics 
Man what the hell 
Is this the way you get your kicks 
I'm wearing overalls, no skin at all
 what the hell you creeps that was my mom's birthday 
that was my mom's birthday 

Guy 3: You ever see a friend of a friend that you never met but you knew you would click it would be a shame if you never got to know me 

Guy1: Was at Bojo’s on Friday 
Were you there? 
Must have missed you 

Guy 2: Hey, I tried to hit you up but you don't answer 
You swore that you would call me back tomorrow 
I feel up to make the drive down 

Guy 3: This was prob’ly a mistake but you blocked me would be cool to undo it 

Guy 4: Who's this guy with the spiky hair? 

Guy 5: What's this doucher? 

Guy 6: Who's that dude? 

Guy 7: Boyfriend? :( 

Guy 2: Just got to your campus 
Wanna meet up 

Guy 1: Hey there babe, was just browsing where'd your photos go? 
Why'd you go and change all your settings around missed your halloween pics 

Guy 3: Hey it's me it happened again accidentally blocked me girl, but that's OK ;) 
I just found your myspace 
Go on add me 

Guy 1: missed you at shot night 

Guy 5: what are you doing now 

Guy 2: call me, I’m in your hall 

Guy 3: just put you in my top friends 

Guy 5: messaged you again 

Guy 6: yo, you gotta stop by Steve’s 

Guy 7: hello, hello. 

Guy 8: ‘member me? We’re in the same psych class. 
Just gonna go head and message me. 

We’re not friends to me you’re all a bunch of creeps.
 Oh what can I do to stop these nerds. 
It seems desperate but this is my last resort. 
I'm deleting my Facebook. 
I'm deleting my Facebook.

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