Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Salon-perfect hair

Getting the salon treatment at home is now possible, thanks to Toni&Guy hair care products.
HEARD of the 24-hour hair cut? You leave the hair salon with a gorgeous new cut that’s styled to perfection – most likely fashioned after some celebrity (Posh Spice is reportedly a favourite at hair salons). You enjoy the compliments that come your way.
And then, the inevitable happens. You wash your hair and it falls apart. Nothing you do can restore that wonderful vogue style you sported less than 24 hours ago. How do you recreate a salon-perfect cut at home? All you need is the right products and of course, a good hair dryer and hairbrush help, too.
The arrival of Toni & Guy salon hair products is good news and it retails not only at salons, but at 50 Watsons stores nationwide.
The hair care range, explains Maria Norrman, CEO and founder of DNA Beaute (sole distributor of Toni & Guy hair care products in Asia), is just what consumers need to achieve salon-perfect hair. The range, first released in 2002, aims to make it easy for women to style their hair at home and in a flash.
Hair with flair: ‘The Toni & Guy range of hair products makes it possible for everyone to recreate a salon look very quickly,’ says Maria Norrman.
“Not everyone has two hours to spend on their hair every morning. The Toni & Guy range of hair products makes it possible for everyone to recreate a salon look very quickly.
“You just need to follow our simple four-step regimen – shampoo, condition, style and finish. A lot of women have a similar regimen for their face but not many do it for their hair,” observes Norrman. The range went through a revamp a couple of years ago to improve its existing formula and increase customer satisfaction. The top priority was to make the brand even more accessible to consumers than it already was.
As such, the products are now colour coded with each colour catering to distinct hair types with consumers’ styling goals. Pink, for example, is for those who want to achieve a curly do – no matter whether its sexy curls or feminine waves – while combating frizz. Red is to add volumme and texture to your mane while offering protection from the elements, and Aqua is to help you achieve that sleek, straight and perfectly groomed style. There are in total more than 30 products across the three different ranges.
Explains Norrman: “Many hair care products focus on the texture of your hair – whether it’s dry or oily or normal but for the Toni & Guy range, the starting point is the look you’re trying to create. It makes it easier for customers to choose the product most suitable for them.”
The labelling on the products are also more consumer-friendly – what you see is exactly what you get. Example: the Toni & Guy beach curl spray helps you get beach curls; the tame-it serum helps tame wayward, frizzy hair and the finishing shine spray makes your hair ... shine. Easy, no?
Established by Italian hairdresser Guiseppe Mascolo – better known as Toni — and his brother Gaetano (Guy) in 1963, Toni & Guy has since become one of the world’s biggest high street hairdressing brand, not just in Britain but all around the world.
Toni & Guy has 480 salons in more than 40 countries, more than 28 hairdressing academies around the world and has won more than 85 awards – they are the first hairdressing salon ever to be voted a “coolbrand” in 2006 and “superbrand” in 2005, 2006 and most recently, 2008.
Although Gaetano passed away earlier this year, Mascolo continues to steer the business with the support and help of his family. His siblings (three brothers who oversee Tony & Guy operations in the United States) and his children (Christian and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, who was the youngest person to win Newcomer of the Year title at the British Hairdressing Awards when she was 19) are actively involved in the business too. This, says Norrman, keeps the brand relevant and its products consumer-driven.
“Toni Mascolo is still very much involved in the business. He cuts hair in his London salons every Sunday and his daughter Sacha was the creative brain behind this current range of products. She was involved in everything – from the range architecture to the trial and testing of the products to the packaging,” says Norrman, who is based in Hong Kong.
An important part of the Toni & Guy brand, says Norman, is the hairdressing academies where all the learning and development takes place. There are now more than 20 Toni & Guy hairdressing academies all around the world, with the latest one set to open in Kuala Lumpur next month.
“All Toni & Guy hairdressers, whether in London or Japan or elsewhere, are retested every year. Even senior hairstylists have to be tested as Toni believes one never stops learning,” says Norrman.
All Toni & Guy hairstylists are required to undergo training at before they start work at the salons. A training programme can take up to five years to complete. The academies are however, not exclusive for Toni & Guy stylists and often provide training for independant hairstylists from various other salons around the world as well.
“Toni & Guy truly has such a rich and long heritage in cutting edge (hair) fashion, and with its emphasis on training and development, you can be confident of the Toni & Guy products,” says Norrman, adding that Toni & Guy is the official hair care sponsor for London Fashion Week.
Though a bona fide salon/professional brand, the Toni & Guy range aspires to be accessible to the masses. As a result, the range is available at popular retail outlets (Watsons in Malaysia, Boots in Britain and Thailand). The products are priced relatively low for a professional range, ranging from RM29.90 for shampoo and RM 59.90 for styling and finishing products. The range also comes in mini sizes, suitable for travel.
Local representative for the Toni & Guy hair care range in Malaysia, Arnaud Marolleau adds: “The brand is able to maintain low prices simply because of its large volumme of sales. Our products are in thousands of stores worldwide. Toni & Guy has more than 2,000 outlets worldwide so it’s just a matter of scale.”
Though the brand is mostly popular with women (63%), Norman asserts that the Toni & Guy range is essentially a metrosexual brand, especially the red range. There is a range specifically for men, called Men Only, which was launched in February 2006.
Here’s to hoping that Toni & Guy can spell the end of 24-hour haircuts for good.

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